GaAs and InP Based Epitaxial Wafers

GaAs and InP Based Epitaxial Wafers

Group III Arsenide based semiconductors are very important materials of today’s electronic and opto-electronic technology. Including IR Lasers and Photodetectors and high frequency devices many semicondcutor devices are made of such Arsenide semiconductor materials via several methods like MOCVD, MBE.

Standart GaAs Based Epitaxial Wafers
  • AlGaInP LED Wafers- 630nm
  • InGaAs/GaAsP IR-LED Wafers – 940nm
  • AlGaInP Laser Diode Wafer – 808nm
  • InGaAs Laser Diode Wafer- 940nm
  • InGaAs Laser Diode Wafer – 976nm
  • InGaAs Laser Diode Wafer – 1060nm
  • AlGaAs VCSEL Epi Wafer – 808nm
  • InGaAsP/InGaAs Laser Diode Wafer – 1550nm
  • Ge/GaAs/GaInp TJ Solar Cell Wafers
  • LT-GaAs on GaAs Wafers
  • InGaAs IR Photodetector Wafers
  • GaInP/InP HEMT, HBT Wafers
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Besides the standart Epitaxial wafers for various Semicondcutor devices, we are able to provide you customized Epitaxial wafer solutions with below listed layers and combination of those.

Customizable Arsenide Epitaxial Layers
  • GaAs – Gallium Arsenide
  • AlAs – Aluminium Arsenide
  • AlGaAs – Aluminium Gallium Arsenide
  • InAs – Indium Arsenide
  • InGaAs – Indium Gallium Arsenide
  • AlInAs – Aluminium Indium Arsenide
  • AlGaInAs – Aluminium Gallium Indium Arsenide
  • GaP – Gallium Phosphide
  • AlGaP – Aluminium Gallium Phosphide
  • InP – Indium Phosphide
  • InGaP – Indium Gallium Phosphide
  • AlInP – Aluminium Indium Phosphide
  • AlGaInP – Aluminium Gallium Indium Phosphide
  • GaInAsP – Gallium Indium Arsenide Phosphide

We will be happy to work on your customized GaAs related Epitaxial wafers consisting of single layer or multilayer complex structures. You may also see our standart Epitaxial wafer products in the below list which may fit to your project requirements. Check our the below GaAs based product list and contact us for Quote Request!

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