Antimonide Epitaxial Wafers

Antimonide Epitaxial Wafers

Group III Antimonide based semiconductors are very important materials of today’s electronic and opto-electronic technology. IR Photodetectors are one of the major application that is been developed in order to sense between 1um to 5um wavelenght specturum and other devices like IR LEDs, IR Lasers, thermophotovoltaic devices also gaining importance together with the improving Antimonide process developments. Such narrow band gap Antimonide semiconductor materials is usually grown with MBE (Molecular Bem Epitaxy) technology, Liquid Phase Epitaxy and Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy.

Antimonides Epitaxial Layers
  • GaSb – Gallium Antimonide
  • InSb – Indium Antimonide
  • AlSb – Aluminium Antimonide
  • Antimonide Based Multilayer Structures
  • Tellirium (Te) Doped, Beryllium (Be) Doped

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Epitaxial Wafers
Epitaxial Wafers
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